Work in Progress

Picture frames are bland, and I can’t stand bland. Therefore, I took on the challenge this week of bringing them a little extra spice with an original project idea and methodology. Though I usually at least loosely follow an online tutorial, this week’s design is a little something I cooked up myself.

My initial idea was to use a large frame to create a collage of pictures, but somewhere along the way it turned into me purchasing several smaller picture frames to create what I dubbed a “fabric collage.” The thrift store twist on this is that I re-purposed long skirts and dresses with eye-catching prints as my fabric and used only second-hand picture frames, all of which I found at Goodwill.

Here are the purchases:

A long black skirt with white flowers – $3.49

A long-sleeved, navy blue, ankle-length dress with a gold green and red pattern on it – $3.49

A mid-length navy blue skirt with a colorful floral pattern $3.49

6 picture frames of varying colors and sizes – $12.00

I cut both the skirts and the dress into rectangular lengths of fabric I could easily trim down to fit the sizes of the picture frames.


After opening each of the frames, I removed the glass and placed the fabric over it. I folded the edges of the fabric over the glass, pulling tight to reduce wrinkles, and adhered it using a hot glue gun.


I trimmed down the excess edges of the fabric to allow the back of the frame to easily fit over the glass, and then I replaced it in the frame.


The final product for each frame looks like this.


I’ve finished a few of these so far, but I decided I’d like to make this a bigger project with several different frames and fabrics to make a “gallery wall.” If you’re interested in witnessing the final product, keep an eye out for new posts over the next two to three weeks, as I’ll be documenting my progress, new materials and eventually unveiling the result


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